When people are face-to-face, learning in person, ‘positivity resonance’ is higher (that’s a scientific term for the ‘vibe’ you get from other people being amplified), so we love it when your team can be together in the same room, talking to each other in the ‘break out’ sessions. If we can’t be there in person, we can beam in virtually. We have run many successful workshops with teams this way. When we run workshops fully virtually with individuals joining from their computers, we use breakout rooms for people to connect, talk to each other, and practise our tools and strategies. We have a highly polished system that ensures people feel connected and engaged, even if they’re joining in on their phone from the back of a storeroom (after the retail store has closed)! And we’re also experienced at  hybrid delivery – a mix of face-to-face and virtual. Believe it or not, it works well. We are happy to discuss what will suit you and your team the best.