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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Wellbeing Works?2023-05-02T14:35:47+12:00

We are a team of highly qualified experts who deliver presentations and workshops that connect and engage deeply with your people. Our tools and techniques are evidence-based, effective, and easy to learn and apply. We pride ourselves in bringing science to life with relevant examples. Dare we say it; we aim to be ‘edutainers’.  Hear what our clients say in their own words.

What’s your ‘grounded in science’ tagline about?2023-04-19T11:43:47+12:00

All our tools and techniques come from scientific research, so we know there is clear evidence that they work.


What is wellbeing?2023-04-19T11:44:06+12:00

The best academic definition is “feeling good and functioning well” (Keyes & Annas, 2009). By improving wellbeing, we can feel good – to thrive, flourish and enjoy life, do good, achieve our goals, and function well in all kinds of situations.

What is resilience?2023-04-19T11:46:16+12:00

“… the ability to navigate adversity and to grow and thrive from challenges.” (Reivich, 2021). By building resilience skills, we equip ourselves to steer through setbacks and stretch to achieve all we are capable of.

What is resilience and wellbeing training?2023-04-19T11:46:35+12:00

We teach science-based tools and techniques in workshops. These tools and strategies boost mental health and help people to cope better with change, uncertainty and stress, perform at their best, and build a strong positive culture.

What sort of issues can it help with?2023-04-19T11:46:54+12:00

Resilience and wellbeing training can help with challenges like stress, burnout, anxiety, disengaged employees, low productivity, conflict, poor communication, low energy, and lack of engagement.


How much does it cost?2023-04-19T11:47:17+12:00

Our workshops can be tailored to suit your budget and timeframe. Get in touch with for a no-obligation chat.

Who do you work with? / Do you train individuals too?2023-04-19T11:47:34+12:00

Our workshops are for teams; occasionally, we run public workshops where anyone from an organisation can join. We also offer coaching for those who prefer to work one-on-one.

How long does it take?2023-04-19T11:47:56+12:00

Just like getting fit physically, building mental fitness takes time and practice. You can start with a one-hour workshop and go from there. However, we recommend a series of at least four one-hour workshops as a good foundation to build from.

Once I’ve done your training, can I train my staff members, or do they need to do the training too?2023-04-19T11:48:14+12:00

We have video-based courses and support materials so you can train your team yourself (with some guidance from us).


What’s your process?2023-04-19T11:48:36+12:00

We provide a free consultation, then tailor a programme to suit your needs, budget and timeframe.

Can you do regular work for me/would you consider a retainer?2023-04-19T11:49:08+12:00

Yes, depending on the availability of our experts.

Is face-to-face or virtual better?2023-04-19T11:49:26+12:00

When people are face-to-face, learning in person, ‘positivity resonance’ is higher (that’s a scientific term for the ‘vibe’ you get from other people being amplified), so we love it when your team can be together in the same room, talking to each other in the ‘break out’ sessions. If we can’t be there in person, we can beam in virtually. We have run many successful workshops with teams this way. When we run workshops fully virtually with individuals joining from their computers, we use breakout rooms for people to connect, talk to each other, and practise our tools and strategies. We have a highly polished system that ensures people feel connected and engaged, even if they’re joining in on their phone from the back of a storeroom (after the retail store has closed)! And we’re also experienced at  hybrid delivery – a mix of face-to-face and virtual. Believe it or not, it works well. We are happy to discuss what will suit you and your team the best.

“Resilience can go an awful long way.”
– Eddie the Eagle

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